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Headmaster's News - 28th April 2017

Apr 28, 2017

28 April 2017


Dear Parents


It has been another wonderful week of weather at Highfield with a wide range of activities underway in this second week of term. The children have been busy on the sporting front; rehearsals are going well for The Tempest and our Year Six classes are working on their final preparations for the National Curriculum tests.


Out and About with Year 4

On Tuesday, I visited a 4S lesson on ‘Formula’ to find the area and perimeter of shapes. They were all alert and ready to go, waiting eagerly to be asked the first question of the lesson. Sasha explained that the area was the inside of the shape and Daisy said the perimeter was the outside of the shape. The class then looked at the difference between a rectangle and a square. Eva said to find a perimeter of a square you need to multiply one of the sides by four. Omar said for a rectangle you need to add the two short sides to the two longer sides.

The class then moved onto area. Sophia said that for a square you multiply one side by another, you square it. Mr Sheppeck showed the class a number of examples on the board. Zain said for the first one it is 8cm times by 8cm which is 64cm. Joshua A said the next one is a rectangle so that is 8cm x 3cm which is 24cm. Beth said that the formula for area is length times the width. Kayva completed the final question on the board correctly which was length 12cm times width 7cm which was 84cm. The class then worked in pairs to find the area of a number of different shaped rectangles and squares that Mr Sheppeck had cut out. Darcey and Aditya were on task straight away, working well together and taking it in turns to take on different roles. The camaraderie was excellent throughout the class. It was interesting that, when some groups swapped, they found that they had different answers which emphasised how careful they needed to be when measuring. The class then moved on to rectilinear shapes. Eva confidently told the class that you need to work out the area for each shape before adding them together. Joshua D understood the concept straight way and was busy working it out as Eva explained before offering an answer for the area. The groups then completed the same task as before but with rectilinear shapes. I watched Daisy give clear instructions to Yawar about how they were going to approach the exercise. Yawar agreed with a big smile before they both happily got on with the task in hand. I was very impressed with the atmosphere in the class. Every child was alert and extremely enthusiastic to answer any question or problem that was thrown in their direction. Thank you Mr Sheppeck and 4S for a very enjoyable lesson.


The Tempest

The final rehearsals have been taking place this week for next Thursday’s Year 3 and 5 performance of ‘The Tempest’.  I watched a practice on Wednesday morning and was very impressed by the stage presence and composure of our Year 3 and Year 5 pupils. The children really understand the story and meaning of this famous Shakespearean play which comes across clearly in the children’s acting and singing. It promises to be a fantastic performance and I look forward to seeing you all there.   


Year 1 visit to Skipton Castle

Extract from the children’s letter written to their guide, Peter.


Dear Peter


Thank you Peter for showing us around Skipton Castle. Thank you for being a funny, clever, happy guide. I loved everything. I liked the spiral staircase and the dungeon because Peter switched off the light. I liked it when you told us the story of the children, it made me jump. I bought a sword and a Union Jack pen. I really enjoyed your magic tricks. I liked the arrow slits because that is where the arrow goes through. I liked the yew tree in the garden. We took a photo of us sitting on the tree.


Yours sincerely

Joshua, Hiba, Lily, Thomas P.


Under 9s Football

On an afternoon of changeable weather conditions, the Year 4 team faced Grange in the quarter final of the ISA Cup.  Our opponents were a talented outfit producing a number of impressive attacks. We gradually grew into the game and showed our own attacking abilities as the game wore on.  Unfortunately we were defeated but I am sure that the experience will prove illuminating to the members of the team. Mr Turner


Rounders v Rossall

On Wednesday 26th April, two teams from Years 5 and 6 travelled to Rossall to play rounders. It was their first match of the year and everyone was extremely excited. The A team match started with a very strong batting performance until two Rossall girls collided after trying to catch the same ball! This took time off our batting but we still ended with a win. The B team was very strong in the field, catching four people out. The final scores were: A team won 25 ½ -18 rounders; B team won 22 ½-17.


PE and Games lessons

All Junior children should now be wearing white socks thank you.


Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers 2017

This scheme finishes on Tuesday 2nd May so please place any vouchers in the box by then. Thank you very much for all the collecting! Mrs Parsons.


Merit Awards

RD: Yaseen  1D: Manavi  1W: Sophie  2F: Sully  2M: Haaris

3M: Stephen  4H: Natasha  4S: Eva  5D: Ellie  5M: Elizabeth  6H: Malaika  6J: Suzanna


Thought for the Week

A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine. Anne Brontë


Yours sincerely


J M Duke




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