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Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster's News - 12th May 2017

May 12, 2017

12 May 2017

Dear Parents

4H Assembly

Thank you 4H for your excellent assembly this morning about resilience and aspiration. Your delivery and stage presence were excellent and you had many important messages for your audience about not giving up and bouncing back from whatever life throws at us. You used the Thomas Edison story of the invention of the lightbulb as an example; how he tried and failed 10,000 times before it worked! You told us about how this story has inspired you to keep trying in areas that you find difficult or want to improve like origami. I also enjoyed listening to your aspirations for future careers from policeman to future Olympic equestrian star. Thank you Mrs Hill for arranging this assembly – we really enjoyed it!

Judo Assembly

Monday was our annual Judo Assembly of the year to introduce Judo to the children and see if any children would like to take part in the Judo activity in September. Vicky, the instructor, has previously represented Great Britain and talked to the children about where Judo started and about some of the basic techniques involved. A few children were given the opportunity to take part in a warm-up exercise which helped to improve their reactions as they had to move quickly into different positions on a given instruction. After a close competition, between six pupils, Aditya V was the winner. The children also practised a Judo hold and tried to pin their opponent to the ground for a set amount of time. The two parings were Zain B and Ziyad and Zain S and Ayesha. The children showed a real competitive spirit against their opponent and good technique. In the question and answer session at the end, Joseph asked if you were allowed to throw an opponent. He was then asked to show how to throw an opponent to the rest of the school and with a flick of the arm and shoulder he had the Great British star on her back – a definite star of the future. Thank you Vicky for coming in and I know from the enthusiastic response to your demonstration, you will have a lot of children interested for September.

Out and About with Year 5 Angles

I popped into Mr Drake’s lesson on Tuesday and 5D were studying angles. He had drawn an angle on the board and was using the interactive protractor to measure the angle. Zahara explained that a right angle was 90° before Mr Drake demonstrated that she was correct by using the protractor. Evie highlighted that a half circle or semi-circle would be 180°. Mr Drake then admitted that the only time that he would let the children do a ‘Dab’ in class was today so they could measure the angle of the arm away from the body. James demonstrated his best ‘Dab’ while Mr Drake drew round the silhouette. He then measured the angle using the protractor much to the children’s delight. I don’t think the children had any difficulty understanding the concept after this practical example and quickly got on with the exercises in their text book.

School Absence

I spoke at the Curriculum Evenings, at the start of the year, about attendance and our legal obligation as a school. Last term we were asked, as part of this obligation, to submit names of any children who are absent for 10% or more of the term. Children whose attendance falls to 90% or below are regarded as persistent absentees. The information we submit is recorded by the Attendance Service which is part of the School Improvement Service within the Local Authority.

Summer Uniform

All boys, except Year 6, should now be wearing grey shorts and girls striped dresses. Hair bows and bobbles should be a sensible size and in school colours, please note JoJo bows are not permitted.


If your child is bringing a sunhat to school, they should be in the school colours with no (or minimal) logo. The school hats are available from the office.

Wizard of Oz DVDs

We ordered some extra Wizard of Oz DVDs in case anyone would like to buy one. There are only seven left and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis. They are available to purchase from the School Office for £15.

Guitar Lessons

We have a new guitar teacher who will be available for individual tuition on a Friday after half-term. If you would like your child to start guitar lessons, please see Mrs McIlwaine.

Class and Team Photographs

Class and Team photographs will be taken next Wednesday. Please could all children come to school smartly dressed in full summer school uniform and bring their games kit if they have represented the school in matches.

Sainsbury’s Vouchers

Thank you to everyone who helped to collect the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers. We managed to collect over 9000 vouchers, well done and thank you. Mrs Parsons

Merit Awards

RD: Luca 1D: Lily 1W: Bethan 2F: Reya 2M: Sara

3M: Saimah 4H: The Whole Class 4S: Daisy 5D: Zaynab 5M: Apala

6H and 6J: The Whole Year Group

Monitor of the week: Malaika

Thought for the Week

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A Edison

Yours sincerely

J M Duke


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